May 26, 2021

Kansas Man Convicted of Abuse Towards Adopted Foster Child


Brandon Hoffman, 48, from Hutchinson Kansas, plead no contest on three counts of child abuse. The previous recipient of a 2009 advocacy award for adopting foster children, is convicted on three counts of child abuse. Including the allegation of repeatedly sexually molesting one of those children.

According to The Hutchinson News, Hoffman was originally charged with seven counts of aggravated sodomy and aggravated sexual battery, and one count of intimidation of a witness to prevent testimony.  After pleading no contest, District Judge Joe McCarville found Hoffman guilty on three counts of child abuse.

Pursuing Justice

The alleged incidents took place between January 2006 and September 2010. The victim filed the report in 2017 after he became an adult. The Kansas Bureau of Investigations conducted work on the case for nearly two years before filing in November 2019. A theory stemming from Reno County Assistant District Attorney Kimberly Rodebaugh postulates that Hoffman “cruelly tortured a child” with his actions.

Details Too Horrible To Describe

The statement of facts presented by the prosecutor enabled the court to find Hoffman guilty. The victim told Kansas Bureau of Investigation and Cheyenne County investigators that Hoffman would come to his room to molest and sodomize him. Hoffman would then masturbate himself before leaving.

The victim said these incidents happened on multiple occasions and in the same way. However, the prosecutors only charged Hoffman on the counts with specific dates the teen could remember. Those dates were his birthdays and at Christman. A sexual assault nurse examined Hoffman to verify distinguishing marks consistent with the victim’s statement.

The “Angel in Adoption” Award

In October of 2009, Hoffman and his wife obtained the honor of an “Angel in Adoption” award from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. As part of the foster care and adoption community, the Hoffmans created a non-profit Project Belong. Brandon Hoffman is credited as the president and CEO of Project Belong Kansas. It mentions that the couple has adopted 10 out of the 12 children they have fostered through Kansas foster care. Noting that, “Brandon has continually served in church adult, youth, and children’s ministry for the past 20 years.”

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Foster Love - Together We Rise is always in support of the foster care community and the safety of children. We are heartbroken over the grotesque abuse of this case. We are also proud, proud of the strength demonstrated by this young man. It takes courage and strength to confront an abuser.

Children in care need our protection. We ask you to stay vigilant and to keep speaking up when you see the questionable treatment of children. Please help us advocate for them by donating here.


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