June 10, 2019

Katie’s Foster to Adopt Story

foster to adopt

Choosing the foster to adopt path is a decision that has powerful potential. Potential to positively impact the world of a child. Everyone that chooses to become a foster parent does so for various reasons. Katie, a mother of two, as well as an adoption advocate, shares her foster to adopt story, filled with the desire of understanding.

Open Arms, Mind, and Heart

“We started our journey in the foster care system four years ago. We started foster care with the desire to help families during their season of struggle. We wanted our home to be a soft place for children to land in often the most difficult times in their young lives. Though I always admired adoption stories and saw beauty in them. I never imagined adopting myself.”

With no initial intention of adoption, Katie shares, “With our particular case, reunification seemed like a slam dunk” but for their now forever son Gabriel, “Days turned to months and months to years as case plans continued to linger.”

The Beginning of Forever

After 1,104 days, three judges, three caseworkers, two Guardian ad Litems, and two court systems; Katie and her husband were able to finalize their sons’ adoption on December 13, 2018.

Reflecting on lessons learned from their fostering experience, Katie shared, “We learned how to advocate for justice but also how to be still and silent. It was one of the most difficult and most refining seasons of our lives.”

When asked what the best experience Katie had throughout this process, she replied, “Looking at our sweet boy and calling him so.”

Regarding how her life changed since the start of this journey, Katie went on to say, “I think as a family, we have learned to love with open hands. It has also lit a fire in our hearts to continue to carry out the work of foster care.”

Advice for the Future

For ones who are considering becoming a foster parent or adopting, Katie offered some advice. “I would say don’t ever be afraid of how the story is written. So often times I found myself gripped by fears of my son’s future. I love every piece of my son’s hard story, including his birth parents. We openly talk about his adoption at home. We always want him to know that his story is beautifully written… I’d also say, keep fighting for that connection. Do your homework on trauma-informed parenting and ALWAYS see the need behind the behaviors. In my opinion, it’s one of the very best gifts you can give your adopted child”.

Thank you, Katie, for sharing your story with us. If you are in the process of fostering to adopt, we’d like to help you photograph your adoption day. Check out our Framing Forever program for more information. https://www.togetherwerise.org/framing-forever/

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