May 26, 2020

Keep Your Teen From Being Bored During Summer Break


How do you keep your teen from being bored during the summer break? Based on our recollection of angst-filled summers (pre-wifi) there was quite a bit to do. Here is our list of activities your teen can get into at home. Hopefully, they can help cue your teen’s boredom.

1. Encourage Creativity

Being creative is not limited to art or music or theater. There are so many ways your teen can be creative. Encourage them to focus on making things. Whether that is cooking, developing a website, writing a novel, making beats. The point is that they are using their mind and making something or learning more.

2. Start A Project Together

Take this opportunity to start a project together. Have your teen help you rebuild a car engine, or finally help you add shelves to the garage. Maybe repaint the kitchen. Think of something that will take some time and that you both can feel successful accomplishing together.

3. Give Them New Responsibilities

This may not be the “funnest” idea but you could use this free time to give your teen new responsibilities in your home. Allow them to feel trusted with their new task. It could be as simple as driving you to work or walking the dog. Just something that takes time every day and is part of their household responsibilities.

4. Prepare For Sport Season

Obviously, we have no idea how high school sports will look like in the fall. But if your teen likes to play any type of sport, encourage them to practice in the meantime. Or even better, see if they would like to take on something new to help. Forever example, they like to play football, suggest they practice running. Maybe they like to dance? See if rollerskating might appeal to them.

5. Get Into The Classics

This can be viewed from many angles. If your teen is into reading, suggest they get beyond the summer suggested reading and into more classics. If they like film and music, here is another opportunity to show them some great pieces of art.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope that whatever approach you take, it helps keep your teen from being bored during the summer break.

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