June 12, 2021

Macy’s Supports Aged-Out Foster Youth


This past May during Foster Care Awareness Month Macy’s teamed up with Foster Love - Together We Rise to support six aged-out foster youth. The Del Amo Macy’s location in Torrance, CA hosted the students during a Saturday morning along with Foster Love - Together We Rise staff. Each student was able to shop with the help of a Macy’s personal stylist and purchase some essential household items such as pots and pans, bedsheets, and cooking utensils. Each student left with $1,250 worth of brand new items for their apartments!

Aged-Out Foster Youth

I just wanted to reach out and say a big thank you to you and the TWR team! Today was such a great experience and something I’ll remember forever! TWR has always been great to my peers and I, so again thank you! – Jackie R., College Student

Aged-Out Foster Youth

This collaboration is proof that when we support students with basic needs we empower them and give them the confidence they need to focus on their education. Youth who age out of the foster care system face staggering statistics when entering adulthood. With the support of companies like Macy’s, students are empowered to propel their education forward.

Thank you to Macy’s for this incredible opportunity to help aged-out foster youth. We are honored to work alongside a company that cares deeply about its community. If you are looking for ways to help kids in foster care join us here.

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