Sept. 5, 2019

New Beginnings: Adoption Story 2019

Adoption Story 2019

New beginnings: an adoption story in 2019. Foster Love - Together We Rise shares real stories of parents to help inspire as well as help others learn about the trials and successes from the perspective of adoptive parents. This week, Lisa, a mother, and foster care advocate shares her encouraging fostering story with us.

The Birth of a New Beginning

For Julie and her husband, “the birth of a new life journey” came about after they were struggling with infertility issues. Weighing their options, they decided that pursuing becoming foster parents was the road they were going to travel. With open hearts and home, Julie and her husband provide a safe environment for their placement children.

Becoming a Foster Parent

Becoming a foster parent can be daunting for some because there may be many uncertainties due to the uncharted territory of fostering.  As Julie states, “So many emotions go along with fostering. Reunification. Unconditional love. DCF visits. Health and well-being of your little”.  With being a foster parent, Julie expresses, “One thing I did was know this little foster child is not mine to keep. She/he is in my care. I nurture and love. This age is tough with a biological little; imagine what these children have gone through”. Despite the emotional hardships, in consolation, Julie goes on to say, “As a parent, we all have avenues of hills and valleys.” For Julie and her husband with “nurturing, love, and grace,” in addition to the knowledge they learned from other families, they got through obstacles.

Sage Advice

For those considering fostering or are already fostering, Julie advises, “Remind yourself daily that they are only babies, and their minds are not fully developed. They are learning and leaning on you for kindness and guidance. They don’t have to be perfect, they need to listen and be safe. Perfect is not something littles are.  Also, I didn’t get attached. Hard right! It takes strength and the willingness to conquer being a caretaker. Enjoy each day knowing their little minds learn so much at this age. They are sponges. You can do it! You are prepared through the MAPP Group Preparation and Selection Program, and I’m sure you have support.  Be patient! Give grace and breath!”


Thank you Lisa for sharing your 2019 adoption story! If you are considering adoption through foster care, we offer free photography for adoption days through our Framing Forever program. Click here for more information.

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