Nov. 6, 2019

New Kentucky Program Helps Keep Kids Out Of Foster Care System

Keep Kids Out Of Foster Care

A new Kentucky program helps keep kids out of the foster care system. The Family First Prevention Act in Kentucky is a new resource to families facing difficulties. The intention is to help prevent the removal of their children from their home.

“That’s where our next level of concentration is, how do we start shifting resources more on the front end to stop children from coming into care so quickly,” said Commissioner for Kentucky’s Department of Community-based Services Eric Clark.

The Family First Prevention Act

The act utilizes federal funding delegated to foster care as a preventative measure.  There are over 45,000 children in Kentucky receiving preventative removal services. Because of this, 96 percent of children stay with their families and 86 percent remained after a year.

First Focus Campaign For Children

In February of 2018, the Family First Prevention Services Act became law. The act is part of reforms taking place within the federal child welfare financing streams. These services are offered to help at-risk families from having their children placed into the foster system. Therefore, the focus of the bill is to use resources to take preventative measures to help families by offering mental health services, substance use treatment, and in-home parenting skill training.

For Children in Care

The Family First Prevention Act also includes initiatives to support children already in care. One of the main caveats is to incentivize states to place children in homes and to reduce group home placements. This in turn offers more stability to children in care.

Learn More About FFPSA

In conclusion, legislation is not always quick to get approved or to offer the change that we need. With the Family First Prevention Service Act there is a lot of hope. If you are in a state outside of Kentucky please reach out to see what your local county is doing.

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