June 11, 2013

New Macbook for College-bound Foster Youth


According to statistics, more than seventy-one percent of children who come from abusive homes become high school dropouts. Three out of four children of addicted parents also try drugs and the majority becomes addicted to them. But this young girl would not let herself become a statistic.

She told us, “My plans for an Ivy League university were completely against these odds because I met both of these circumstances.” This young girl is currently in the running to becoming valedictorian of her high school. In addition, she is involved with more than seven clubs and after school programs including Science Club, Christian Club, class council, dance team, the Academic Decathlon, Interaction Club and more. Her goal is to attend UC Berkeley and earn a Ph.D. in Child Psychology. She will start this summer in order to receive her first Ph.D. within 8 years.

She tells us, “I have overcome the statistics and did not fall victim to my circumstance- I conquered it. My hope is to aid other children that were in my position and guide them to reach their dreams, even if they find it impractical. I want to make a change in children’s lives. This is my reasoning of why I want to become a youth psychologist.”

With her inspiring message and drive, we knew we couldn’t leave her without a brand new MacBook to help her succeed. Now she’s set with a new laptop to take on UC Berkeley and show them what she can really do.

At Foster Love - Together We Rise, we want foster youth to know that they can all be successful in achieving their dreams. So we are presenting foster youth who are active in achieving their dream with new laptops.

“Your story is where you take it to, not where you start.” – Tony Robbins

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