April 27, 2019

New York Life- Bring Your Child To Work Day

Take Your Child To Work Day

Bring Your Child To Work Day

April 25th is Bring Your Child To Work Day and our friends at New York Life relished in the day. To celebrate they hosted a Birthday Box Build to benefit children in foster care.

Bring Your Child To Work Day, is one of our favorite “holidays” of the year. It is a day where parents can share their work culture with their children. Teaching children the value of hard work and responsibility is important. Our friends at New York Life took the opportunity to take it one step further by adding a philanthropic component.

New York Life’s Commitment To Philanthropy

New York Life is committed to making a positive social impact. Their website states, “our business is inherently about responsibility: providing financial security and peace of mind through our products and services. We extend this responsibility to the larger communities where we work and live through our commitment to a diverse workforce, an ethical culture, deep community engagement, and a sustainable planet.”

Kids Helping Kids

To help make this day a huge success, they invited our team out to New York, NY, to help facilitate the build. Once we reached their headquarters, it was a matter of setting up stations to accommodate the 200 plus children.

We had a blast! All of the kids were super excited to help other kids, it was a party in and of itself. The children participating got to learn about the work their parents do while also learning how to make a difference in the lives of kids in foster care.

The build ended with a BANG! As we all shot off poppers to celebrate helping bring more birthdays to kids in foster care. The Jewish Child Care Association received all 225 Birthday Boxes as a donation.

In conclusion, we had a great time and can’t wait for more philanthropic team builds with New York Life.

So, you wanna join us in a philanthropic team build? Get started here https://www.togetherwerise.org/teambuilding-for-good/

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