Jan. 31, 2019

Non Profit Foster Care Reform in San Antonio


San Antonio is taking some big steps to reform its non profit foster care system. Beginning Friday, February 1st, 2019, the system moves towards privatization partnering with local advocates. The new shifts focus on the first few hours after the removal of the child.

Currently, Bexar County has 2,000 children in foster care. The new changes include taking children to a kid-friendly placement center prior to rehoming.

While at the child center, new data software is in place to help match children with foster a compatible foster family. These changes are in addition to resources currently offered by Child Protective Services.

This is the first phase of San Antonio’s foster care overhaul. Child Protective Services is not anticipating any layoffs.

Texas is currently in desperate need of foster parents. The need for foster parents in Bexar County may increase by 21% in 2019.

If you are interested in fostering, The Children’s Shelter offers inquiry classes twice a month for potential foster parents.

You don’t need to be a foster parent to help a child in foster care. Consider working with Foster Love - Together We Rise on a service project that benefits kids in foster care. Click here to learn more.



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