April 1, 2021

North Dakota Foster Parent Pleads Guilty to Murder


North Dakota foster parent pleads guilty to the murder of 5-year-old Raven Thompson this Tuesday in federal court. Thompson was in foster care at the time of her death and died on May 6th, 2020.

One of the foster parents accused of Thompson’s murder pleaded guilty to murder, child abuse, and child neglect. The mandatory minimum sentence that 43-year-old Erich Longie Jr. is facing is life in prison.

The Longie’s ‘Showed No Emotional Signs’

Documents state that investigators found the child’s body on a concrete floor in the basement of the Longie’s home in Tokio, N.D. An EMS worker is quoted to have told investigators that the Longie’s ‘showed no emotional signs that one would typically expect to see from a caregiver.’

After the discovery of Thompson’s body, investigators found her 7-year-old brother Zane, in the back of a vehicle at the Longie’s residency. He was examined and flown to Sanford Hospital in Fargo for treatment. The reports defined his injuries as ‘non-accidental trauma.’

Eight Children Found

Documents indicate that at the time of the Longie’s arrest, there were eight children living in the home. A total of 13 people living at the home. The other children were removed from the home after Thompson’s death. As of today, Erich Longie Jr. is awaiting sentencing and does not have a scheduled court date.

Tammy Longie, Erich’s wife, is scheduled to go to trial on June 29th for the same charges.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the tragic murder of Raven Thompson leaves us ill and questioning how this could be prevented. What resources or safety nets could have stopped this untimely death.

As these trials unfold, we challenge you- the reader, to get involved with helping children in foster care. Consider mentoring, volunteering, donating towards proving additional support to children. The more people who have connections with children in foster care, the more people can advocate for them.

To get involved, please contact us here.

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