Sept. 16, 2018

OCTLA event with a Bike Build


Foster Love - Together We Rise prides itself on the support we receive for our Bike Build event in Orange County. Groups like the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association remind us of our OC pride when they hosted a philanthropy team-building event at their office in Brea.

Thanks to their generosity, we worked with some members to build bikes, skateboards, and decorate duffle bags. There are three of our main programs: Bike Build, Build-a-Boards, and Sweet Cases.

Around 30 OCTLA members volunteered to help us build 10 skateboards, 10 bikes, and more than 20 duffle bags. Children in foster care locally benefit from this donation, just in time for the holiday season.

They had a blast decorating the Sweet Cases with colorful pastels and then filling each one with a blanket, stuffed animal, coloring book, crayons, and a hygiene kit. Building bikes and skateboards was fun too. Everyone worked together to figure out how to assemble the items. A few of our smaller volunteers even learned how to ride skateboards themselves for the first time!

This was absolutely one of our favorite team-building events that we’ve ever attended. Heart Matters Foster Family Agency in Riverside received the donations. We’re really looking forward to seeing all our wonderful volunteers at the OCTLA Gala philanthropy event in December.

Let us help you get involved in your local community! Learn more about Bike Build team building, click here, for Build a Board team building, click here, and for Sweet Cases, click here. For more details about other team building events in California, click here.

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