Oct. 23, 2020

Our Friends at Sticker Mule


The Foster Love - Together We Rise Crew is always so grateful to have friends in many organizations including Sticker Mule! As a nonprofit, we are constantly looking for ways to share our message with the community. Advocacy is the way to changing minds, hearts, and reforming the foster care system at large.

Stickers for Days!

One of the many ways Foster Love - Together We Rise has helped raise awareness is through our Blue Bear stickers. For years, we have printed and sent hundreds of thousands of stickers to donors and supporters nationwide. We have even seen our Blue Bear sticker on a truck in Haiti!!!

The Blue Bear stickers have been a fun way for us to share our story and get people informed and excited to help kids in foster care. Recently, we have been working more with Sticker Mule in preparation for the giving season. To help us reach more people, Sticker Mule has generously offered to help donate towards our sticker fund.

Honestly, our mission is dependent upon the kindness of EVERYONE. When organizations like Sticker Mule step up and help it allows us to use resources more strategically to help more kids.

Why We Love Sticker Mule

We believe in working with people who have integrity. We want all foster youth to be proud of the efforts we put into supporting them.  The Sticker Mule team takes so much pride in their work. They love supporting organizations that do important and impactful work in the community. We are glad that they are here to stand with those who need the most support.

On an excellent side note! If you’re looking for creative holiday projects, they’ve just launched a new free tool that lets customers increase the resolution of any graphic or photo, instantly. This is great for people who don’t have creative software at their disposal.

Thank you for continuing to help kids in foster care. Check out more ways you can help here.


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