Feb. 26, 2020

Outdoor Team Building with Benevity

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This is our second annual outdoor team building event with Benevity. It is amazing to see how many do-gooders exist! We all gathered in Palm Springs for their 2020 CSR and Sustainability Conference.

The 7th Annual Goodness Matters Conference

Benevity is the global leader in CSR and employee engagement software. Each year they invite the top CSR do-gooders from across the globe for their Goodness Matter Conference. The conference is used as a place to recognize the positive accomplishments by progressive companies. While engaging the group of people who are most invested in creating change through corporate philanthropy.

Benevity’s founder and CEO, Bryan de Lottinville, speaks about the conference.

In the face of increasingly grave environmental and social challenges, it is inspiring to see our clients and their people catalyzing positive impact within their workplaces, their communities and around the world. The Goodies are our way of recognizing the companies and individuals who are leading the charge in pursuing purpose, meaning and impact as part of their culture and identity.

Outdoor Team Building in Action

Last year the Benevity do-gooders helped build bikes for kids in foster care. This year we rolled up with 140 skateboards to assemble together at this outdoor team building event. The event had an 80’s theme and we set up out skateboard building stations between the pool and an open bar. Nothing says team building like building a skateboard from scratch.

Kelsey Anderson, Manager of the Client Technical Support Team for Benevity said,

Today we’re building some skateboards for kids in foster care because kids matter. They gotta have some fun. So we’re building a bunch of boards so they can get out there and ride.

What a delightful group of people! Some of the do-gooders at the event work with our team through their parent companies. It was amazing to meet them in person and to see their passion in action.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank Benevity and all the do-gooders for helping bring skateboards to the kids at Sheltering Palms. For those interested in outdoor team building events, connect with us here.

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