July 3, 2019

PIMCO Corporate Team Build


PIMCO sponsored a corporate team build with Foster Love - Together We Rise. Every year PIMCO’s staff comes together to give back to their local communities across the US. They have a strong culture supported by corporate and social responsibility efforts.

Why Invest in Corporate Team Building?

PIMCO as an organization believes that it is their obligation to effect meaningful social change. Their CSR efforts have three main focuses, giving, tangible action, and advocacy. “In partnership with leading non-profits, we focus on two fundamental issues critical to human development and sustainable worldwide economic growth – hunger and gender equality.”

Ultimately, they believe in utilizing their talents to combat challenges. It was wonderful to see them in action during the Birthday Boxes team build.

The Birthday Box Build

During the day of the team build, we took the 55 freeway down to Newport, CA to meet with PIMCO’s Legal and Compliance department. It was a beautiful day and the event was held inside their plush offices. We set stations for the decoration and assembly of 50 Birthday Boxes. Everyone really got into decorating their box, knowing that it would help a child in foster celebrate their next birthday.

One participant said, “One of my goals is to become a foster to adopt parent to children in need, so this was a great and tangible way to give back in the meantime.”

Another Fun Day In The Books

As the event wrapped up, we were treated to pizza which was made in-house. It was great to be treated as part of the PIMCO family.

Volunteer lead, Jill Suh shared, “Everyone had a lot of fun and the TWR staff made the entire process so easy and efficient. They were very professional and on top of their game.” We can’t wait to come back and help more kids in foster care together.

Orangewood Children’s Center received the Birthday Boxes to give to their children. We’d like to thank our friends at PIMCO for opening their hearts to kids in foster care.

Help us celebrate more birthdays in foster care.  Learn more here.

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