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Sept. 1, 2021

Portland Hairdresser Hosted Free Haircut Event for Kids in Foster Care


For kids in foster care, sometimes basic needs are forgotten, one of these needs being haircuts.

These needs are not maintained for many reasons, including they are expensive, time consuming, and since the foster care system is so complex, they may be last thing on the minds of foster parents.

Meet Lanelle Rowe, Hairstylist

For Portland hairdresser Lanelle Rowe, this need is prevalent. She “organized an event where kids can get free haircuts if they have incarcerated parents, or if they’ve been in the foster care system.”

Lannele, who is also a mother, spent 10 years in jail. This experience drives her to give back to the community.

She held the event on August 25th with four other hairstylists; their training took place at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility where they got their professional licenses.

Foster Kids Need Support

All children need support. Especially when they are going through a difficult time like foster care or having a parent in jail, or both. They need extra love and help from those around them.

Rowe made it her mission at the free haircut event to make sure that each child was cared for equally and that they all knew they were supported.

The children are our future, we really want to support them.

Many children in these situations can feel lost, forgotten, and unimportant. It is our job to help them feel loved, cherished, and supported as every other child should feel.

Thank you, Lanelle, for spreading the word about this cause and for helping kids who truly need help.

If you would like to learn more about the foster care system or fostering, check out this link!

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