Aug. 24, 2019

Reflecting on Your CSR Efforts

CSR Efforts

Reflecting on your CSR efforts can be difficult. How does one truly measure their success? Is what your are doing enough? If you are asking these questions then you have already started down the right path of having a CSR initiative. Now the best way to reflect on this is by answering the following questions.

Does Your Team Know About Your CSR?

The first question to reflect on is whether your internal team is aware or understands your current CSR efforts. You can conduct a formal survey via email or do an informal water cooler pole. Ask the team about the basics. If they are unclear or unsure, that means there is a communication issue with your plan. You might be doing amazing things but it doesn’t help inspire or build moral internally if none of your team is involved or aware.

Thankfully, this is a simple fix!

Are Your CSR Efforts on Your Website?

This question involves transparency. At times it is easy to avoid or forget to put something like this on your website but it is imperative to keep your CSR efforts visible. You want to create a space where people can see and find out more about what matters to you and your organization. It doesn’t have to be a huge manifesto about all the good you want to do. But it at least needs to be conscious and present.

Is Your Audience Aware of Your CSR Efforts?

Here is where things get dicey. Obviously, everyone knows that CSR impacts the favorability of an organization in the eyes of consumers. So this effort needs to be real and sincere. If your CSR efforts go unnoticed by your audience, that isn’t great. But worse would be if they view the initiative as fake or forced. You can investigate this further by conducting a survey and finding out if people recognize what you’re doing.

Should You Increase Your CSR Efforts?

Now that you have a baseline understanding of how your organization’s CSR efforts are doing, it’s time to reflect. Based on the information you’ve gathered you can choose to increase your efforts, their visibility, and really pivot. It is important to be honest about what you are doing and whether the impact is where you want it to be. If your team and audience aren’t seeing or understanding your CSR efforts now is your chance to change that!

Looking for Next Level CSR

If you are interested in taking your CSR to the next level, contact us! Our team has over a decade of experience in charitable team building and would love to help you inspire your team and audience. Connect with us here to chat more on this.

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