June 23, 2020

Safer at Home Team Building with TCW


This past Tuesday the Joann from TWR helped TCW with a Safer at Home team building service project. What is a Safer at Home team building service project? Welp! Since we are all still practicing social distancing everyone is having to get creative to go on with “life as usual.” COVID is here but it is not getting in the way of helping kids in care. To ensure that people can continue to help kids in care Foster Love - Together We Rise developed the Safer at Home service project. A kit that allows individuals or groups to donate towards a program and then help with the project from home.

How do Companies Team Build During COVID

One of the hardest adjustments for many organizations during COVID (outside of keeping everyone safe) is keeping their team connected. Foster Love - Together We Rise loves helping organizations meet their team building and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Since COVID started we have all had to make hard pivots on ways that we have traditionally operated. To adapt, Foster Love - Together We Rise created Safer at Home service projects and can be started by individuals or corporations. The team building component of the Safer at Home service projects are established in two ways.

The first being facilitated ice breakers hosted by a TWR team member. Because people are participating from home, this activity is done via video chat. It is a fun way for co-workers to learn more about one another through games. With the TCW team, we played ice breaks that also related back to foster care.

Secondly, the group participates in the service activity. TCW is a long time supporter of TWR and has helped with our Sweet Case duffle bags program and donated to our Family Fellowship Scholarship. For the service project portion, the TCW team participated in decorating cloth panels with empowering messages and fun drawings. The panels are then shipped back to TWR and placed on new duffle bags. The duffle bags are filled with comfort items and given to kids in foster care nationwide.

Grateful to TCW

Business as usual seems surreal. Foster Love - Together We Rise is so grateful for the TCW team who are always opening to helping kids in care no matter the circumstances. Thank you!

Feel free to check out our Safer at Home programs here. Stay safe!

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