Dec. 12, 2019

San Bernardino County Finalized 120 Adoptions


San Bernardino County finalized 120 adoptions during a ceremony on November 21st. While adoptions happen year-round, San Bernardino County Children and Family Services host an annual adoption finalization celebration to unite families and friends for this occasion.

The Hoover Family

One of the families at the adoption event, the Hoovers, knew exactly how many days have passed since the twins, Issa and Isaiah, entered their lives.

“We got a call 367 days ago,” recalls Chris Hoover in an interview with ABC7. “It’s kind of a whirlwind when you get that call, running to Target and all the places to get diapers of every size because you don’t know how big they are.”

With Arms Wide Open

The Hoovers took a leap of faith when deciding to foster twins with the ultimate goal being adoption. Reunification is always the goal for foster care and the Hoovers experienced that with their first foster son. “So, it is a hard thing especially after going through that to have that fear in the back of you head. But we were obedient to what we knew we were supposed to do-loving these kids as our own from day one,” said Hoover.

The Adoption Ceremony

On Thursday, the Hoovers grew by two with the adoption of the twins. They joined dozens of families at the Ontario Convention Center to finalize their adoption.

“It’s amazing we actually brought them home from the hospital a year ago today. This is extra special,” said Jaclyn Hoover.

Adoptions Nationwide

With almost half a million children in foster care nationwide. It is amazing to see these large events celebrating foster to adoption. For anyone who is currently in the process of fostering to adopt. Foster Love - Together We Rise offers free adoption day photography. Check out our Framing Forever program for more information.

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