May 21, 2020

Sia Adopts Two Teens Aging Out of Foster Care

Pop star Sia, adopts two teens aging out of foster care. The 44 year old Australian singer talked about her growing family on SiriusXM’s “The Morning Mash Up.” 

Tweet to Reality

During interviews in 2019, Sia hinted to the media that she planned on growing her family. After watching the “FOSTER” on HBO, she reached out to Dasani, a teen boy featured on the documentary.  In a now deleted tweet, Sia sent Dasani a text saying,

Hey Dasani from ‘FOSTER’ on HBO! I’d like to adopt you. We’re just trying to find you and get my house check done ect. But I want you to know you will have a home with me.

Aging Out of the System

Sixty percent of adoptions through foster care are for children under the age of 6. Sia revealed that she adopted both of her sons in 2019, stating.

I actually adopted two sons last year. They were both 18, they’re both 19 now. They were aging out of the foster care system. Yeah, and I love them.

Aging out of the system, is when a foster youth reach adulthood and no longer is able to qualify for familiar or government support. In the U.S. the aging out age varies but up until recent years, 18 was the average age of emancipation. So, Sia making the moves to adopt two teens aging out of foster care is a rare type of adoption.

Handling COVID

Like everyone, Sia and her children are finding new ways to manage life during the COVID-19 outbreak. Sia discussed how her family is adjusting stating,

They are both finding it pretty difficult, one more so that the other. But they’re both doing things that are really good for them right now, that are really helpful. They’re doing a lot of educational stuff that’s good for them.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, older children in care are often overlooked. This does not make them less lovable or less worthy of a home and family, regardless of their age. We want to congratulate Sia on her growing family. Hopefully her story does remind people that a foster care adoption doesn’t always have to be focused on young children.

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