Dec. 23, 2019

Simple Team Building Activities with ZipRecruiter

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We love simple team building activities! Especially ones that allow us to hang out with our friends at ZipRecruiter. As Foster Love - Together We Rise continues to grow, one area we always excel in is hosting fun and simple team builds. This week we were able to spend some time out in Santa Monica at the ZipRecruiter headquarters to help them build some skateboards for kids.

What Does Corporate and Social Responsibility Mean to ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a huge supporter of the community and we are lucky to be one of their partners. Their website speaks to their CSR mission stating,

We’re committed to helping all people have the opportunity to find employment and further their careers.

Their commitment to philanthropy is accomplished through volunteer work, nonprofit empowerment, and custom technology. The communities they focus on supporting include veterans and youth. Helping youth is where we come in!

The Day of The Event

We drove up to Santa Monica and set up the event room to help encourage the success of each team. As the ZipRecruiter employees came in it became clear that the build would be fun and breezy. So together we assembled 100 skateboards over the course of two hours.

The best part of skateboard builds is watching the joy of accomplishment flood the faces of each team member. Knowing that the hard work is going towards helpings kids in care is rewarding in and of itself. Because the build happened in December the benefiting agency is planning on gifting the 100 skateboards to kids in care as Christmas gifts.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we are so grateful for our partner ZipRecruiter and their team. Their commitment to helping their community with simple team building activities is commendable. For those interested in learning about our simple team building activities check out our team building programs here.

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