Aug. 10, 2020

Some Practical Advice for Teachers During COVID


Here is some practical advice for teachers during COVID from an ICU Nurse.

Children are our greatest treasure. At all costs, we must ensure that they grow strong, healthy, and ready to move humanity forward. With the current pandemic, many are concerned with the role teachers play during COVID.

Teachers are such a gift, they are ready to help children in the classroom or online, wherever that may be. Rather than wonder about what we should be doing to support them. Here is a list of advice for those working in the public, especially, teachers during COVID from an ICU nurse.

1. Don’t Bring Work Shoes Into The House

One of the easiest ways to reduce spreading the virus is to limit what goes to school and comes home. Many nurses change their sneakers at their car. Keeping the work shoes in a Rubbermaid container in the trunk to prevent them from potentially spreading the virus inside their home.

2. Keep Designated “Dirty Areas”

You want to be able to identify what could potentially spread the virus. Keep an area in the car for “dirty” items. Do the same in your home and make sure work clothes go right in the wash.

3. Eye Protection!

Start wearing your glasses or get some blue light glasses. This helps limit the number of times you may touch your eyes. Especially, for those working with younger children who aren’t required to wear masks.

If you get a facial shield, add a name tag to limit confusion on who is behind the shield.

4. Take Your Vitamins

Help your immune system stay strong.

5. Protect the Back of Your Ears

Get some headbands with buttons, or clips to hook your mask ear loops.

6. Don’t Touch the Front of Your Mask

When removing it to eat or drink only touch the ear loops and place the mask face down into a plastic bag or Tupperware container. Wash your hands before and after touching the mask.

7. Use Wipes of All Types

Keep disinfectant wipes on hand or make your own by placing clean paper towel in a plastic ziplock with enough disinfectant spray to saturate them.

Facing wipes are also a great way to keep clean. Washing your face every few hours.

8. Ask Questions!

Ask all the questions! Do not shy away from asking questions to, administrators, co-workers, school nurses, doctors. If you are unsure seek the answer. This is the strongest advice for teachers during COVID, don’t let a question go unasked.

9. Create a Support Network

Look to your most trusted teacher friends for support. Create a group chat, share your thoughts, memes, positive quotes to get you through the day. Ultimately, we are all living through a pandemic and getting through that is the most important thing.

10. Get Your Sleep On

Take time to relax and sleep the recommended hours.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope that you found this advice of teachers during COVID helpful. Please continue to use the CDC as a primary resource during this time. Stay well!

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