Jan. 18, 2020

STEM Saturday Launch


There are some BIG things in the works. One of them being our new STEM initiatives. You may be wondering. What in the world is STEM? Well STEM is an anacronym for Science-Technology-Engineering-Math. Because children in care often struggle with school and lack of extracurricular activities we’ve started working on solutions. The first being STEM Saturday.

What is STEM Saturday?

STEM Saturday is part of an overall effort to bring STEM to kids in foster care. The STEM Saturday launch is the event side of this project. This is where we hold classes that bring introductory STEM lessons to kids in foster care or to children whose parents help sponsor their class.

The main point to these programs is the hope to inspire foster youth to pursue STEM hobbies and hopefully careers. Either directly through the class or through resources raised by the funds of sharing STEM with others.

The First STEM Saturday

STEM SaturdayThe trail launch of STEM Saturday focused on experiments for children under ten years of age. We hosted the event at our Brea headquarters and invited foster kids to help us test it out. Rachel and Krystal helped facilitate the event and teach the kids the lessons at hand. It was amazing seeing the children’s faces light up over their science projects. At first, they seemed timid but with each step, they became more comfortable. After the first project was completed all of the children were invested.

We really enjoyed watching how the children reacted to the academic portion of the event. The experiments themselves were engaging and fun but them understanding the reasoning behind the experiments was priceless.

Keep Your Eyes Open

STEM SaturdayWhile we continue to establish stronger parameters for the STEM events. Stay posted for more information on up coming STEM events or how you can get involved. Follow us on our newsletter here.

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