March 27, 2020

Struggles with Fertility Turn into Foster Care Adoption Joy

After years of struggling with fertility, Teri and her husband turned to foster care. In February of 2015 they became licensed foster parents. Teri herself had been adopted at a very young age. The couple knew that they eventually wanted to adopt siblings. On their 10th anniversary, they received a placement call for two girls and the couple couldn’t have been more nervous.

Moving Past Struggles with Fertility

After years they finally got the chance to become parents. The girl’s grandma brought them to meet Teri and her husband. Teri and her husband spent some time building a relationship with the girls and their grandma. For an entire summer, the couple gave respite care to the girls on the weekends. All that time spent together made them realize that they prepared enough to finally become a family. On September 15, 2015 the girls officially moved in with the couple and they began their journey.

The Wait for Parental Rights

The family had time to get to know each other and learn together. Once the biological dad saw how impactful and caring Teri and her husband cared for his daughters’, he knew that they could give them a better life. He terminated his parental rights in order for them to move forward in the adoption process.

They didn’t have so much luck with the biological mom. They had their original adoption date on September 22, 2017. But on the last possible day and on the last possible hour their bio mom filed an appeal with the higher courts which pushed back the adoption date. Devastated and confused the family could only wait to see what the court decided. They had no clue how long they would have to wait.

The Day They Waited For Arrived

Just three months later in December the court denied the bio mom’s request and set a new adoption date for a week later. They decided not to tell the girls about the approved adoption date. Instead, they waited until the day of and surprised them with the good news.

Teri learned that through foster care you don’t have to always separate the kids from their family. Teri and her husband built a healthy relationship with the children’s grandma and even consider her a part of their family. Trying to be your best for the kids is what is really important.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we appreciate Teri Ross for sharing her struggles with fertility and move towards foster adoption. We know struggles with fertility are painful and are happy to see her family grow.

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