April 2, 2019

Sweet Case Team Build with Cisco

Sweet Case Duffle Bag

Cisco invited the team out to Boston, MA for a philanthropic team build. With delight, the team hopped on a plane and spent a few hours in the historic city.

As a leader in the tech world, Cisco makes its CSR efforts a priority. They have a goal of positively impacting 1 billion lived by 2025 and they are on track to reach it.

The team arrived early to prepare the room for the Sweet Case build. Setting up tables with all the items that go in a Sweet Case and distributing the decorative items. Sweet Cases our a popular team building program, they are duffle bags teams fill with comfort items.

The Cisco team arrived full of energy and excitement! Together the team assembled 100 Sweet Cases for kids in foster care.

During the event, we met Larissa a former foster youth now Cisco employee. She shared her story with us and the others at her table, stating that she spent time in more than 18 houses, 6 group homes, and knew first hand, the hardship of aging out and trying to gain independence through higher education. She emphasized what a difference something like a Sweet Case will make for a child during placement.

What a very successful team building event! The Devereux agency graciously received the donation of Sweet Cases for children in foster care in their area.

Thank you, Cisco for being a leader in your community. For more information on philanthropic partnerships with Foster Love - Together We Rise, check out our website. https://www.togetherwerise.org/partnership-opportunities/

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