May 19, 2020

Take a Stay-cation During COVID-19

Who wants to take a stay-cation during COVID-19? It has been over two months since people in the states started practicing social distancing. For many, it feels like longer. Time is funny that way.

Now that we are approaching summer many of our vacation plans are being moved or rescheduled entirely. So Foster Love - Together We Rise is offering your family some fun ways to take a stay-cation during COVID-19.

Stay-cation Campout

One of the easiest stay-cations your family can have is a campout. Whether you want to host it in your backyard or living room they can be fun and simple. If you have camping gear, this can be the time to dust it off and set up a backyard campsite.

For those trying to DIY, we recommend making a blanket fort and having the whole family help set it up. Don’t forget smores, spooky stories told by candlelight and the joy of spending time with the family.

At Home Beach Day

Time to set up the kiddie pool or turn the sprinklers on for an at-home beach day. Take the elements that you love about visiting the beach and bring them home. Set up a nice beach blanket, make a beach day picnic, and play some games that are swimsuit friendly.

What kids love most about the beach isn’t the sand or ocean, it is the fun had in that space.

Spa Day

Visiting a spa seems unlikely any time soon. Recreate the experience at home with your family. Take time to do face masks, drink tea, give each other mani-pedis while listening to relaxing music. It is about recreating the feelings from the experience, creating a relaxing day.

Themed Stay-cation

Think about where you wanted to go this summer. Did you want to visit NYC, or Hawaii, or grandma’s house two hours away? Reflect on what the highlights of those vacations would look like and try to create a diluted themed version at home.

If one of the big things about your vacation is local food, spend time recreating a meal together as a family. You are missing out on visiting grandma? Ask if she can facetime with the family and share stories.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, vacations are for more than relaxing, they are for creating memories together as a family. We are living through unprecedented times. Your family could remember this summer as the one where everything was canceled. Or the one where you had to use your imagination to have fun stay-cation during COVID-19.

For those interested in doing more fun projects with their family, check out our Safer at Home Service Projects here.

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