July 19, 2018

Team Build Volunteer in Foster Care with AIG


The best parts of being a nationwide organization are all the friends you make along the way. We travel across the country to help companies build Sweet Cases, which are bright blue duffle bags full of comfort items for kids in foster care. We also have a program called Bike Build that allows participants to volunteer in foster care and work together to assemble bikes for foster youth.

The Event

AIG Insurance was kind enough to invite us back to their office in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey to facilitate a Bike Build AND Sweet Case service project with their team. We had a fantastic time helping their kindness bloom in the Garden State!

With almost 60 volunteers (including a very helpful little girl) working in two shifts, we built all the bikes and Sweet Cases in just a few hours. Someone had the brilliant idea of building bikes in individual cubicles, which made assembling bikes much easier.

By the end of the team building activity, the volunteers built 25 bikes and decorated 45 Sweet Cases™ for children in foster care. When the bike build was complete. We had a bike race through the office. It was super fun until someone almost face-planted into a wall. So we decided to call it a 25-way tie.

Thank You, AIG

We donated five of the bikes to Essex County CASA. Family Connections, Inc. received the rest of the donations. Special thanks to Steve and Erina, who represented Foster Love - Together We Rise at this event. We love that we get to work with such fantastic people!

If you’d like to get involved in your local community, volunteer in foster care and want to learn more about Bike Build team building, click here. For more details about other team building activities in New Jersey, click here.

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