April 12, 2019

Team Build Volunteer Opportunities with Topgolf

team building

Foster Love - Together We Rise flew to Scottsdale, Arizona, for a team build volunteer opportunities event with Topgolf. We love working with our friends at Topgolf and were ecstatic about the build.

Topgolf is dedicated to its corporate and social responsibility efforts. Their commitment to their community extends more than 8.2k hours of volunteer time. Plus their teams work with all types of charitable causes from, food banks to pet rescues.

While we are fairly close to Scottsdale, our team flew in for the event and hit the ground rolling. Once we reached the venue, our team set up all the accessories for the Sweet Case build. Organizing the accessories for a fill station and setting up decorating tools for each group.

The Topgolf team arrived and their positive energy was off the charts. They came in and dove right into decorating their Sweet Case. Sweet Cases are duffle bags that we decorate and fill with essential items for kids in foster care.

The Topgolf team decorated and assembled 20 Sweet Cases for local kids in foster care. When the last Sweet Case was filled and a sense of accomplishment swept the room. The Sweet Cases were donated to a foster care agency close to Topgolf  Scottsdale.

“We just completed our event decorating the bags! We had so much fun! Thank you again for letting us be a part of this amazing process,” said Angelina Lind, from Topgolf Scottsdale.

Angelina, we are happy that your team received so much joy from the project. We look forward to our next build with you all!

If you want to take your team building to the next level and find team build volunteer opportunities, contact us here.

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