Oct. 20, 2019

Team Building Activities with Disney VoluntEAR

Team Building Activities
We love helping with team building activities with our Disney VoluntEAR friends. Since the recent merger of Fox brands into the Disney family, it was an awesome team build.

Who Are Disney VoluntEARS?

Disney VoluntEARs are a group of Disney employees from across all of the company brands that aspire to help the community. The Disneyland public affairs website cites some of the VoluntEAR’s background.

In 1983, Disneyland® Resort Cast Members expressed a desire to form a team focused on providing meaningful service to the community. This idea soon culminated with the creation of the Disneyland Community Action Team. This dedicated group assisted many nonprofit organizations in Orange County, California.

The team achieved great success in their support of charitable organizations, and the momentum led to a company-wide launch of the Disney VoluntEARS in 1992. Today, Disney VoluntEARS work on meaningful projects across the globe, with a primary focus on communities where Disney business units operate.

Ready Set, Bike Team Building Activities

Foster Love - Together We Rise is a long-time partner of Disney and their VoluntEARS. For today’s team building activities, we worked with employees from Disney Studios, FOX, and FX. 40 people came together to get the team build going.

We divided the 40 people into three groups to complete the build of 80 bikes. For quality control purposes, we tested all the bikes by riding them around the FOX Studios lot. The test ride also helped us show off the solid work that everyone had come together to do.

Thoughts on Team Building Activities

We had a fabulous time meeting so many new people. Tanisha, a Disney employee told us they loved the event and wanted everyone else there to know what they did and the impact these bikes are going to make.
Los Angeles County DCFS Wateridge North office benefitted from the donation and plans to use the bikes as gifts. Kent Bennet, Supervisor for LA DCFS, was so thankful and said the whole process went smoothly and he “can’t wait to see the look on the kids’ faces when they receive the bicycles”

In Conclusion

We want to thank our Disney VoluntEARS friends! It is always a delight to work with people who are committed to their community. For those interested in learning more about our team building activities. Please contact us here.

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