Feb. 11, 2020

Team Building for Large Groups

Team building with large groups can seem overwhelming. So many people to organize. Researching rentals or large spaces. Find affordable catering. The list can go on and on.

We recently met with the managers from Publix markets for a HUGE team build with over 1,200 people. Let us tell you first hand. Team building for large groups is possible and boy is it fun!

Who is Publix?

Publix is a market chain popular on the east coast. Their commitment to their corporate and social responsibility efforts is notable. Whether it concerns the environment, its employees, or the community. Publix’s website states,

At Publix, our goal is to meet today’s needs without compromising what is essential for tomorrow. Simply stated, this means taking care of people and minimizing the impact to our planet while remaining profitable. Sustainability is ingrained in our culture and represented in our Mission Statement through valuing our associates, serving our customers, enhancing our ties to the communities we serve, conserving natural resources, and ensuring economic stewardship for our stockholders.

The Day of the Team Build for a Large Group

Thinking of coordinating 1,200 people is a bit intense. One way we eased the stress is by breaking the day into smaller sessions. More time, fewer people. The team build focused on building 405 Schwinn bikes. So smaller groups just made more sense.

Each group of people came in excited for the cause. To help make the event run smoothly, people were placed in teams and it became a competition to build the best bike in the least time. To ensure the safety of the bikes, each team checked them for quality. The divide and conquer method helped the day run without a hitch.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank the Publix team for helping kids in foster care. It is exciting to see a team build for a large group run so well. If you’re interested in hosting a team build for kids in foster care. Check out more information here.

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