Jan. 22, 2020

Team Building Games with Great Clips

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This week the Foster Love - Together We Rise team met up with Great Clips for fun team building games. As we continue our mission to help kids in foster care we’ve improved our team building service projects. The Great Clips team opted to partake in our classic Sweet Case duffle bag program. Let us tell you, it was an excellent time.

Who are Great Clips?

Great Clips is a nationwide brand of hair salons. Their corporation invests millions of dollars a year to great causes in their communities. Through their Great Deeds program, they commit to, “challenge everyone at Great Clips- corporate staff, hair salon owners, and friends- to remember what makes us great. The people and the communities where we live and work. Through that loyalty and support, Great Clips contributes millions of dollars to great causes every year.”

Igniting Team Building Games

This was an amazing event at the Great Clips headquarters in Minnesota. Together the Great Clips team assembled over 250 Sweet Case duffle bags for local kids in foster care. To help add a team build game element, the Great Clips people sat in groups and worked to make the most creative designs.

We set up assembly lines to help transition the team into their planned activities. Everyone had an excellent time, the team felt energized and inspired to help kids in their community. The design work on the Sweet Cases impressed everyone, perhaps it is because hair dresser are artists themselves.

Strong Connections

The most memorable moment came from a chat with Great Clips event manager. She shared with us that she recently became a grandmother due to her daughter’s recent adoption of their foster child. These types of connections to our cause really warm our hearts. We want more people to understand that foster care impacts us all and these types of team building games change lives.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we would like to thank the Great Clips team for such a fun day of team building games. For those interested in team building for good. Connect with us here.

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