March 9, 2020

Team Building in Dallas with Trintech

This week we spent some time team building in Dallas with the Trintech team. One way we help kids in foster care is through charitable team building events hosted by our partners. This allows people to make a difference in the lives of kids who live in their community.

Who is Trintech?

Trintech develops software for financial professionals and organizations across the globe. Their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and creating sustainable longterm processes is an organization-wide value. Nichole Weems, Product Manager at Trintech says,

As a member of the Corporate Social Responsibility team, I am proud of the genuine support from Trintech’s leadership to promote resource conservation in our local and global communities.

It is great to see the Trintech team’s commitment to its community. Through solid initiatives, they show the world what values matter to the organization and their team.

The Day of the Team Build

For the team building event in Dallas, the Trintech team gathered in a collective group of 220. To up the stakes at this team build, there was a competition element. By gamifying the event it encourages people to bond more with one another and connect to the purpose behind why these types of team building events matter. They matter because these 220 people are supporting kids in foster care by building 40 bikes and 40 skateboards.

The Trintech team worked diligently together. Even though some of the steps could be difficult, the team came together to overcome whatever obstacle came up.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we would like to thank Trintech for inviting us to their team-building event in Dallas. Your team is inspiring and the local foster youth are going to enjoy those bikes.

Help more kids in care by participating in one of our team builds. Learn more here.

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