Sept. 16, 2020

Team Building is Back!


Team building has taken a strange turn during COVID. While zoom team building has been a thing (Foster Love - Together We Rise has done several zoom events) it is nice to get back to basics.

This week our friends at Mariner Wealth Advisors hosted a COVID safe team building for good event. They were kind enough to give us some insight into what they did to give back while keeping their team safe.

The Mariner Wealth Advisor Team

The Mariner Wealth Advisor team is passionate about helping their community. From a business standpoint, they help people in their community with short and longterm investment planning.

On a corporate and social responsibility front CEO Marty Bicknell has created a culture of giving back. Since 2006 the MWA team has donated more than $5 million to charity.

To ensure that the team is making the most impact, they created the Mariner Foundation, an associate-led charitable giving foundation with a core purpose of supporting underprivileged children and their families.

Team Building in Action

The Omaha office hosted the fun team building service project last Friday. Due to COVID restrictions and rainy weather they hosted the event in their warehouse space with the garage door open for circulation. To make things safe for everyone, they set up staggered work stations, where the team could get creative decorating and assembling Sweet Cases.

A Sweet Case is a new duffle bag full of essential items made for kids in foster care. They are perfect for children 10 and under and give the community a way to show children in their community that they are supported.

To make more space, the team set up a tent at the opening of the garage. Mariner Wealth Advisor, Michele Prell, gave us a recap of the event and said,

We all had so much fun decorating them while one of our senior wealth advisors put the duffles together. My basement is currently filled to the brim with bags and it makes me smile. Tomorrow Lutheran Family Services will be coming to get all of the Sweet Cases.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank the Mariner Wealth Advisor team. Their commitment to helping the community is admirable. For those interested in learning how their organization can do charitable team building with Foster Love - Together We Rise, contact us HERE.

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