Nov. 20, 2019

Team Building with Student Athletes at UCI

Team building with student athletes is beyond fun! This week our student athlete friends at the University of California Irvine (UCI) came together for a charitable team build. In truth, we are working on a new initiative to help more kids in care by partnering with college athletic programs across the country.

UCI Cares 

The beauty of working on team building with student athletes is how they already value community. Athletic teams in and of themselves are part of small sports communities. But UCI as an academic institution puts weight on the creation and support of the community. Their website sites:

UCI’s students, faculty and staff reach beyond the classrooms and laboratories to address social issues and improve the human condition. A major intellectual and cultural center, UCI engages the community through many public activities and events.

UCI Engage is a gateway for collaborators to connect with faculty on community-engaged research and teaching. Find more than 200 programs and initiatives that feature community-engaged research and teaching in their mission. You can also watch videos and read stories about the ways faculty and community collaborate to solve some of the worlds grand challenges.

Simple Team Building with Student Athletes

We couldn’t be more excited to meet the UCI student athletes on their campus. UCI currently hosts 18 different athletic teams, 9 men’s and 9 women’s, we met with soccer, basketball, and volleyball players. Together, the students decorated and assembled 25 Sweet Case duffle bags. To clarify, Sweet Cases are blue duffle bags filled with essential comfort items geared towards children under the age of ten in foster care.

Everyone had a delightful time decorating the duffles with custom drawings and stencils. It was a very special team build especially because we’ve had so many UCI students and alumni who have worked with Foster Love - Together We Rise in the past. Our Marketing Manager, Gio Malhotra is a UCI alumn, he says,

“The community among UCI students continues to make me proud. Watching students invested in making a difference in the lives of children in care embodies the spirit of the season.”

In Conclusion

In Conclusion, the team build rendered 25 lovely decorated Sweet Cases donated to local kids in care. We are so grateful to all the student athletes who came together to help make a difference in the local community. If you are interested in a team building project for your students. Please reach out to us here.

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