Sept. 3, 2019

Team Building Workshop with HBO’s Summer Interns

Team building workshop

Team building workshops are a great way to acclimate new employees to your work culture. HBO believes in the ideal of creating strong work culture and recently invited us to help them with their team building workshop for interns in Santa Monica, CA.

What Does CSR Look Like For HBO?

HBO’s commitment to community extends beyond their home base. Their so invested in their CSR efforts that they have an in-house CSR team that manages their HBO Inspires initiative.

The HBO Inspires page cites: “HBO’s Corporate Social Responsibility team unites employees, talent and non-profit partners to elevate social issues connected to our community and our programming. At the heart of HBO is our passion for making a difference, and every day we are using our platform to educate, inspire thoughtful action and help make the world a better place.”

The Bike Build

Summer Interns at HBO in Santa Monica came together to build multiple bikes for youth in foster care. This is the second time TWR has partnered with HBO to impact the lives of local LA foster youth. This is part of the”HBO Inspires” initiative, which aims to elevate social issues connected to their community and programming.
HBO Interns worked in groups of 2-3 to complete 12 bikes as part of their Summer Internship program, a great way to introduce the importance and need for community involvement in a corporate setting/environment.
Alex Gutierrez, CSR Coordinator for HBO, praised their work with TWR. “We fell in love with Foster Love - Together We Rise and the work that they do last time they were here, and knew we had to bring them back for our Interns to participate as well.”

Team Building Workshop Conclusion

We had a great time at this bike build. It is inspiring to see young people working together for a greater goal. Thank you, HBO inspires for including kids in foster care as part of your efforts.
Get involved! Learn how to build bikes for kids in foster care here.

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