Sept. 29, 2022

Thank You For Making Disney Days 2022 Magical

Disney Days

Thank You For Making Disney Days 2022 Magical

Thank you for making Disney Days 2022 magical. Without the support of our community, reunification events like Disney Days would not be possible. Together, we raised enough funds to take 207 siblings separated by their foster care placement to Disneyland.

This labor of love is only possible because of the dedication of our supporters, volunteers, foster care partners, and corporate donors.

A Word From Our Founder

If you had told me 10 years ago that Disney Days would be this big… I wouldn’t have known what to say. We’ve had the honor of reunited hundreds of siblings sets. It is incredible to imagine all the lives this one event has touched. The growth and the path that we take as a nonprofit is a reflection of our supporters and the change we want to see in our community.

The pure joy and happiness expressed by the children is a gift and reminder that every child in foster care deserves more.

I never stop being moved by the resiliency and love shown by the children we serve. While I can’t share every story or moment that happened over the course of this weekend. I’d like to tell you about two sisters I met on the Saturday of Disney Days.

A Touching Photo

Amy and Laura, two sisters between the ages of 8-11 were inseparable. I snapped a photo of them on an instant camera and gave them the picture to take home with them. At the end of the night, the two sisters found me to show me the Minnie Mouse frame they picked out for the photo. Amy said she wanted to give the picture to her Papi who is fighting to get them back.

She wanted their dad to know that they loved him.

Foster Care Is Complex

Every child who attends Disney Days is given spending money to purchase anything they want. Yet time and time again, I’ve seen children like Amy and Laura buying gifts for their parents or other siblings. They want their families to know that they are thinking of them, that they love them.

Disney Days Help Create Lasting Memories

I am grateful for the support of our staff, friends, families, donors, volunteers, and every person who came together to make Disney Days 2022 a reality. It is a day these children will remember forever because they were shown kindness, they were heard, seen, and respected.

With the success of Disney Days comes the responsibility to create more opportunities to reunite siblings, more opportunities to create lasting change within the foster care community.

My hope is that you can join me and the Foster Love - Together We Rise team, as we continue to find innovative solutions for the problems these children face. Thank you for standing with us and helping move our mission forward.

Always grateful,
Danny Mendoza, Founder and CEO of Foster Love - Together We Rise

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