July 3, 2020

The Adoption Process and Starting a Family


Sometimes, the foster journey transforms helps inform people about the adoption process. Some foster parents solely foster because they want to help children in need. Others start fostering because they would like to start a family. Kimberly Norton and her husband began their journey because they saw a need to help foster youth and knew they had the capability of helping. After many placements, they began to realize that ultimately, they wanted more out of the experience. Adoption didn’t occur to them initially but eventually became the end goal.

Changing Hearts and Minds

At the beginning of their foster journey, the couple didn’t even consider adoption. They knew being devoted foster parents ensured the safety and happiness of countless children. Though, in 2016 they received a placement of a girl that changed their minds. Originally, Kimberly had gone to pick up a different placement. To her surprise, a different foster family took in that placement.

Not too long after, they informed Kimberly that another girl at the facility needed placement. She spent some time with her and bonded with her almost immediately. A few minutes later she called her husband to let him know about their new placement.

Reuniting Sisters

Unfortunately, one of the troubles the couple learned about Cece was that she had separation anxiety. Cece’s anxiety came from being split up from her sister. Cece’s sister, Mia, suffered from many allergies and health issues and she worried about her well being since she never received updates about her. The couple fought tirelessly to reunite the girls any way they could. After much advocating for the girl’s happiness, they were allowed to see each other during therapy sessions. Their reunion was only a small victory for Kimberly as she believed that kids should be able to play and talk freely as opposed to being together in therapy.

Eventually, they granted the family visitations with Mia on scheduled visits. They saw how much joy the visits brought to the girls and how much their reunions helped them grow. They came to a point in which the court decided that the girls showed enough stability to be reunified in a home together. That decision devastated the couple because that meant that Cece and Mia would go to a different home.

Starting the Adoption Process

They decided to pursue adoption against the objections of Mia’s foster mom. Due to their proactiveness and relationships with the social workers and therapists, the courts decided they should move forward with the adoption process. They went through the steps and even made a presentation on why they deserved to care for the girls. A different family wanted to adopt the girls too. But the Norton’s knew they didn’t have to worry because they put in the work to give the girls the life they deserved.

The Joy of Adoption

Over a year after their initial placement, the family officially adopted both Cece and Mia! On June 6, 2017, surrounded by friends and family, Kimberly’s family finally became complete. Kimberly’s journey with the adoption process had many uncertain times. But she knew she couldn’t stop fighting for the girls she and her husband learned to love. Their determination gave them the family they always wanted.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank Kimberly for sharing her family’s experience with the adoption process. For those currently in the process of fostering to adopt, Foster Love - Together We Rise offers free adoption day photography. Use this link to book your free adoption day photographer.

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