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July 27, 2021

The Foster Care System is in Desperate Need of Reform


Over time, there have been many concerns regarding the safety and care for children within the foster care system. One foster parent voicing these concerns is Pastor Anthony Favors, who has been a foster parent for over 10 years in three different states.

Favors is very passionate about this cause, stating: “If it is the last breath that I take, I will continue to battle and fight for these kids.”

Favors will not give up on this cause until the system is reformed and until there is accountability taken for the troubled system.

A Troubled System

Although he mentioned that there are other problems, like “the system is overtaxed, and it is layered with its own bureaucracy,” one of his main concerns began in February 2021.

He called the Department of Children and Families (DCF) for an “investigation after his foster child was allowed to make a home visit in violation of DCF rules.”

Lack of Safety

On some of the visits that should not have been allowed due to DCF rules, Favors said his son “was not fed on some of those visits, he was not showered, he did not sleep, he came back with lice.”

They allowed his foster child to visit their biological home while knowingly breaking the rules. The child was mistreated during some of these visits and was not addressed until Favors called in February.

Children in the system deserve better. They can’t always look out for themselves, so they need to be able to trust the adults around them to make decisions that will keep the kids safe.

We love these kids too much. … It is not fair that kids in the system are not only being short-changed but being risked.

After calling DCF on the restricted home visit, Favors’ child was removed from the home 11 hours later. Favors did not stop there. On May 24th, he filed a grievance. He stated that less than a month after being back in his biological mother’s care, his child was assaulted.

Forcing Reform and Accountability

He has set up and been denied from meetings with the district to discuss the issue. As of now, he has requested meetings with the Governor’s office. Favors said,

We do not feel like we have been heard.

He will not stop until the system takes responsibility and accountability. He wants to see reform to benefit the children in the system.

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