Feb. 14, 2020

The Importance of Team Building: LifeRay


The importance of team building isn’t as subjective as you’d like to think. We recently spent time with LifeRay and saw the impact of team building in real-time. There is true connectivity between team members and the greater community. These moments strengthen not only the organization but the individual.

Who is LifeRay?

LifeRay is an international organization that makes software that helps companies create digital experiences on web, mobile, and connected devices. Their platform is open source and helps thousands of organizations in different industries, from finance to retail. Their corporate culture focuses on people and creating solution-oriented technology. One of Liferay’s core values is people, their website states,

People are inherently valuable. Therefore, we respect people, invest in relationships, and celebrate one another.

The Day of the Team Build

We met with the LifeRay team at their office in LA. The space we set up in seemed tiny and it may have been due to the total amount of people partaking in the team build. If you are curious, 250 excited LifeRay team members came to help assemble 125 skateboards for kids in foster care.

The group of people took care to assemble each skateboard. The team came from all over and several team members spoke with us about their personal experience with foster care. One attendee shared with us his experience as a foster to adopt dad. Another member, Michelle, told us about her foster placement. Michelle shared that her placement came to her with a Foster Love - Together We Rise duffle bag and teddy bear. The teddy bear is now the child’s best friend.

The Importance of Team Building: In Conclusion

In conclusion, we’d like to thank LifeRay and their team for helping kids in foster care. It was great seeing how much of an impact these events can make. They allow people to cultivate a greater connection with each other and the community. The importance of team building lies in these moments.

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