Aug. 13, 2020

The Joy of a Foster Care Adoption

The joy of a foster care adoption extends to the whole community. Anytime we can help a child find a loving home it is a win for us all. Today we spoke with Cheryl about how her family found their second son through a foster care adoption.

Starting Out as a Foster Family

Foster Care AdoptionCheryl and her family started their foster family journey 6 years ago. They started out with the intention of just helping children who need a safe and nurturing family to stay with. But something happened 3 years ago that changed their lives.

They met the sweetest little boy, one who fits in perfectly, as if he always was a part of their family. Cheryl shares,

I just knew he belonged…the process was not easy by any means. It was a very emotional and extremely stressful rollercoaster but well worth it in the end. We thought so many times we were going to lose him to a not so good situation. But we fought like nobody’s business to have him stay with the only family he has loved and known in his little short life.

The Importance of Getting Attached

Foster Care AdoptionThere is a very common fear many people vocalize about fostering. The fear of getting too attached. Cheryl chatted with us about why we should do that. Why children in foster care need families who want to love these children fully. She says,

If you are thinking you want to foster but you are scared you’d get attached do it you will get attached and that’s exactly what they need is for someone to get attached they never had that…is it tough? Absolutely! But you will not regret it…take it from someone who put off doing foster care for yrs because I felt I couldn’t take it if they left but not all families are bad they just need help…we’ve fostered over 40 children and it feels so rewarding that you taught them things, potty trained them, taught them how to ride a bike with no training wheels the joy they have when they accomplished these things and you’re the one to experience that with them it’s the best feeling.

Always Meet Children with Love

Proving a safe place for children in foster care is important but so is creating a loving space. Cheryl and her family have a beautiful philosophy behind their fostering. Which brings us to Cheryl’s parting words.

I know we’ve given these children some of their best memories and for that we’ve done our job. The most toughest job on the planet is being a loving parent.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank Cheryl and her family for chatting about their foster care adoption with us.

For those looking into a foster care adoption, check out our Adoption Calculator here, for insight on costs.

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