April 16, 2020

The Joy of Adopting Through Foster Care


Today we chat with Arthur about the joy of adopting through foster care. His foster care adoption journey started with their first son, Jordan on November 9th, 2017. But before it was official, Arthur’s family went on a foster care adventure.

The Beginning of Adopting Through Foster Care

Arthur and his family had fostered a child before Jordan. They cared for the child since birth and he was reunited with his birth mom at 20 months old.  Two months later they met Jordan. As routines began to feel normal, Arthur’s first foster kiddo came back, with his biological sister too. So, within hours Arthur’s family expanded to three children under three!

Officially Adopting Through Foster Care

On January 14th, 2020, Jordan legally became part of Arthur’s forever family. Arthur thanks the Koinonia foster family agency in LA county for all their support.  “It’s an amazing organization which has been such a support and source of strength for us during the ups and downs of these past four years of the foster process.”

The Two Happiest Days

The foster care process is full of heartache but also joy. Arthur tells us that even though becoming a foster parent has made him, older, grayer and balder, it changed his life.

I have learned that I have far more patience and grit than I ever thought I did. I underestimated my strength and resolve. But, when you love your children as much as we do ours, you’ll walk through any fire for them. Forever.”

He counts the adoption of Jordan and the return of his oldest foster child as the best days of his life.

Strong Advice from a Loving Father

“It isn’t easy. Some days aren’t fun. And with fostering, you have to resign yourself to the fact that the system does not care about the children’s well-being—just about doing what is most expedient for the state. So expect to lose your child to reunification even if the county worker and legal teams strongly advise and plead the Judge against it. Or expect for the courts to take their time, dragging their feet, to approve life-changing or life-saving health needs like an epi-pen (something we, to this day, have still not received for our Jordan) or a tonsillectomy. If you can realize that you will be the only ones fighting for these kids and that you are their advocate and that the journey will never be easy, you’re ready.”

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank Arthur for sharing the joys of adopting through foster care. We are very moved by how Arthur’s family opened their home and hearts to Jordan and the other fosters.

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