June 14, 2020

The Long Term Plans of Adopting a Child


For some, like Kelly Skarshaug, adopting a child has always been a part of their plans. From her teenage years, Kelly knew she wanted to be an adoptive parent. The thought of helping children in need motivated her to one day become licensed. In 2014 she got married and began trying to start a family. 

The Options

After a year of trying to have a kid, the couple began considering other options. They talked about the possibility of becoming foster parents and eventually adopting. They both agreed to take the next step and decided to become licensed foster parents. Not too long after that, they decided to take the leap and begin the licensing process. In 2015 they finished their training and officially became foster parents. 

The Mission of Foster Care

They understood the mission of foster care and just wanted to provide a safe home for children who needed it. Children in the system need a support system and the couple knew they could provide that. They still had the desire to start a family. They decided to also become licensed adoptive parents in case one of their placements became open for adoption. 

The Call

Two years after they began their journey they received a call for a baby girl that needed placement. Without hesitation, the couple prepared to take her in. For two years the couple cared for and they grew to love each other. Eventually, the couple had the opportunity to adopt her. May 20, 2020, went down as one of the happiest days for the family because they finally became her forever home.

The road of fostering and adoption is one that has many highs and lows. Kelly learned that nothing is set in stone. You have to work through the process and be patient because sometimes it can take time. Though, the end result is definitely worth it all. Fostering gave her and her husband the gift of starting a family. 

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank Kelly for sharing her family’s long term plans for adopting a child. For those considering adoption, check out our Adoption Calculator for insight on pricing based on state. 

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