July 24, 2020

Three C's To Reduce The Spread Of COVID

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Three C’s To Reduce The Spread of COVID

The World Health Organization recommends avoiding these three C’s to reduce the spread of COVID. Like most people, we are trying to help stop the COVID virus. But sometimes you still have to do things and live your life. School is about to start and it is important to arm ourselves with information from the experts.

Based on the WHO’s recommendation here are the three C’s to avoid to reduce the spread of COVID.

Crowded Places

Are there tons of people out? Maybe it is best to postpone that trip to the market or order your items for delivery. Be mindful of high traffic times and remember that the less people you come in contact with the better.

Close Contact Settings

Restaurants and bars are open in some states for sit down services. Many states are still asking people to avoid seeing those who are not in your household. So keep in mind that spaces, where people are in close range conversation, can increase the risk of exposure.

Confined and Enclosed Spaces

The best bet if you have to be around people are places that are outside or with lots of airflow. Confined and enclosed spaces make it harder to reduce the spread of COVID. Poorly ventilated spaces should be avoided.

Continuing to Make Adjustments

With everyone working hard to reduce the spread of COVID it is important to keep these three C’s in mind. Everyone is trying to keep themselves and the people they come into contact with safe.

For those looking for ways to help kids in foster care while staying safe. Consider participating in one of our Safer At Home Service Projects here. A fun way to give back to the community while staying safe and reducing the spread of COVID.

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