April 30, 2020

Transitioning Back To Work During COVID-19

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Transitioning back to work during COVID-19 may be stressful for both you and your family. Because the virus is unseen, it can transfer while people are asymptomatic, and it can live on surfaces.  It just becomes more frightening. Many states are still unsure when children will be back in school. So how do you manage to ease your children’s anxieties when you have to return to work?

Create a Plan of Action

Kids are smart. Like, wicked smart. Even young children are aware that the coronavirus is scary. One way to help them worry less about you while you are working is by establishing a plan. What are the house rules to decontaminate new items brought home? How do you disinfect yourself from potential germs?

Make a plan with your family and set the rules. This helps establish concert protocols and helps your children understand that everyone is being safe.

Continue to Touch Base

If your kids are still staying home while you are back at work, touch base more. Maybe Facetime them on your lunch. Send them a photo of yourself working. Remind them that you are okay and that you are working to keep them safe even while away.

Practice Safe Protocols Together

Knowledge is power. Show your kids how you are being safe and encourage them to do these practices together. Like wearing masks out, washing your hands when entering the home, leaving shoes outside. Whatever you are doing to keep them safe, encourage them to follow your example.

Keep Them Posted On Age-Appropriate Information

It is safe to say that a three-year-old might not fully understand the concepts of a virus. But find age-appropriate ways of keeping them informed. As scientists continue looking for new treatments and a vaccine, talk about it. We are going to find a way past the coronavirus and that gives us all hope. Your children deserve that same hope.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, as we all get closer to transitioning back to work during COVID-19, keep in mind how the change back may worry your children. The best practices always lie in creating honest communication and establishing routines. Be an advocate for truth and continue to support them as best you can.

For ways to help kids in care during COVID-19, check out our emergency relief efforts here.

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