May 29, 2020

Understanding Contact Tracing During the Coronavirus Outbreak


Understanding contact tracing during the coronavirus outbreak is a way to contain the spread. Like many new terms we are learning, contact tracing is a hot phrase. Contact tracing is the process of identifying people who have been exposed to a person afflicted with (in this case) COVID-19.

The Purpose of Contact

The intention of contact tracing is to help reduce spread by informing those who’ve been in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.

Mind you, this is a confidential process that is used by public health departments for decades to slow the spread of infectious diseases. Contact tracing helped contain Ebola during the 2014 outbreak.

How Does Contact Tracing Work?

Once you test positive and are isolated a representative from the public health department will call you. Firstly, they will provide you with resources on how to recover from COVID-19. Helping ensure that you are informed. Secondly, they will ask you about the people and places you have had contact with. Note, that this is confidential. Your name and personal information will not be released.

Receiving a Call from the Health Department

Do not be alarmed if you receive a call from the health department. The purpose is to inform you that you have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 and should isolate yourself. The public health worker will give you information on resources and next steps.

Some states, including California, will provide you access to testing at no cost to you.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope that you and your families stay safe and informed. Information about the COVID-19 changes daily and it is important to stay up to date.

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