Oct. 6, 2020

Virtual Team Building with Verizon Media

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Virtual team building is a great way to keep your team engaged and active. This past week we had a great time working with Verizon’s Media team on a Safer at Home Community Service Project. Since the start of the pandemic, so many people have felt disconnected and isolated, especially with so many working from home.

We spoke with Lynn Carter, Senior Director of Human Resources for Verizon Media about her experience with virtual team building for good. Lynn’s career with Verizon has spanned 16 years and she is truly a believer in the benefit of giving back.

Here is a look into our rapid question and answer session.

Q. Why is Helping the Community important to You and Verizon Media?

A. At Verizon Media we encourage volunteering year-round however we have one day a year we dedicate time towards it – our Great Build.  It’s a great time to get together as a team and feel like you are making an impact in the community.  Time for us to get out of the boxes of our daily work and have an impact outside of work.

Q. How Does Giving Back to the Community Inspire Your Team?

A. It inspires my team to find ways to give back to their community in a more regular basis.  And it also makes them feel more connected with the company they work for because we value giving back to the community. Virtual Team Building 

Q. How was Your Experience Working with Foster Love - Together We Rise on this service activities project?

A. Outstanding.  Gianna was amazing to work with and created a really inspiring and moving experience for our group.

Q. What was Your Favorite Part of this Event/Process?

A. Seeing all the participants of our group be so engaged, asking questions, wanting to figure out ways to stay involved with TWR outside of our event.  The Sweet Cases and the superhero boxes were a hit. I really liked that we offered options to our group!Virtual Team Building

Q. How did Your Team Enjoy Participating in this Activity?

A. They loved learning about TWR and then doing the activity together.

Q. Would You Recommend this Team Building Service Activities Project to Others?

A. Yes, I would and I’ve already shared the information to many friends and coworkers.  The event was informative, engaging not only with TWR but felt like I was spending time with my coworkers in a non-work-related way. Was still engaging even though it was virtual.

Q. During these Uncertain Times, How does Your Team Stay Connected?

A. We have weekly crafts and catch up time, where we’ve been doing paint by numbers together. Virtual calls/ happy hours work great!

Q. Why did Your Organization Choose this Virtual Team Building Service Activities Project?

A. I have been following TWR for the last year and thought it would be a great organization to support.

Q. If You have any Other Thoughts You’d like to Share About the Project, Foster Care, Virtual Team Building, or CSR?

A. Such a great experience. I’ll definitely be reaching out again next year to organize this again for Verizon Media!!!

Thank You Verizon Media!

We want to thank Verizon Media and Lynn for participating in our virtual team building service activity project. It is beautiful to see how your team is staying connected and doing good!
If you want to help your team and kids in foster care with a virtual team building project, connect with us HERE.

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