May 17, 2013

Volunteer – Foster Children Prom Night


Prom is meant to be a night you never forget. Girls spend weeks finding the perfect dress and guys build up the courage to ask their dream date. The night comes, everyone gets ready, and parents and friends gather around to take pictures. Finally, couples head off to their perfect prom night. Volunteer for foster children tries to create this opportunity for those who are less fortunate and unable to attend.

Now here at Foster Love - Together We Rise, we heard about a young gentleman in Chino, CA who happened to be in the foster care but still wanted to enjoy the night that every high school student should. Playing fairy godmother is what we do best, so we called on some friends from 3 Kings Limo and requested a limo to pick up him, his date, his friend, and his friend’s date to take them to prom in style.

None of the kids were aware of the limousine picking them up. So after they enjoyed their dinner and walked outside to get into their staff member’s car, they spotted the limo. The staff member told the kids they should ask the driver if they could take pictures inside.  The kids walked over and the driver agreed to let them take pictures. They climbed into the limo, the driver shut the doors, and then they drove off to prom. The kids were so surprised and excited they did not realize what was going on, it took them a few minutes to realize the limo was for them. Thank you 3 Kings Limo for giving them a fairy tale entrance to every teenager’s dream night.

Foster youth don’t always get to live glamorously, so we were honored to give a little sparkle to an important night.  We believe that where you come from doesn’t determine where you’re going. Hopefully, the limo will not be the only glamorous thing these kids experience.

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