Aug. 17, 2019

Volunteer Team Build with LSL CPA

Volunteer Team Build

Foster Love - Together We Rise loves helping coordinate volunteer team build projects. As experts in the corporate and social responsibility space, we finding adding a team build component is a bonus for everyone. Our CPA team LSL CPA hosts an yearly bike build with us to benefit kids in foster care. This year it was even more amazing.

Who is LSL CPA?

LSL CPA is an accounting firm based in Brea and Sacramento, California. They have a strong commitment to helping the local community and have a CSR initiative called Doing What Counts.

The LSL CPA website states, “With a growing interest in giving back to the community, LSL started ‘Doing What Counts’ in 2013. Every year, our firm participates in a handful of firm-wide philanthropic events, including assembling school supplies for Backpacks for Success and participating in multiple 5K walks throughout the year. The ‘Doing What Counts’ program has contributed to the well-being of the Orange County community, as well as, the satisfaction of our team.”

The Volunteer Team Build

LSL had their day away team building day. In total, 100 employees volunteered. When they arrived, we placed them into separate teams of 10 for a day-long competition. The day started off with a guest speaker, who had everyone playing some ice breaker games. Then the competition began with the bike build first!
In their teams, they had to answer questions to receive the tools to build the bikes. After receiving the tools, they built the bikes but each bike had to be quality checked. No team delivered a perfect bike the first time around. Which is okay, bikes can be tough to build. All teams had mistakes to fix before their bike was complete and safe. As the teams finished, we gave them their helmets to indicate that they completed the build. Once all teams finished we took a team picture to commemorate the fun team build!!!

Thank You, LSL CPA

We are so thankful to have a great relationship with our accountants at LSL CPA. Their commitment to the community is wonderful and we look forward to their next volunteer team build.
If CSR based team building is something you are interested in. Please connect with us here.

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