Sept. 14, 2019

Volunteering to Help Children in Foster Care

Volunteering to help children

Volunteering to help children in foster care is what we do. Thankfully we have a wonderful group of people who love volunteering to help children. This month we hosted two in-house volunteering events at our Brea, CA headquarters.

Six Flags Backpack Prep

Because we are an indirect provider of support we always need help organizing our gifts. This month we planned a sibling reunification event at Six Flags in Mountain View, CA. For that event, we needed help preparing the backpacks for the chaperone groups. Each backpack contained essential items for the trip including, first aid kits, water bottles, and sunblock.

We had over 30 volunteers show up and they handled the assignment so well. So, well that we asked for help with Superhero Box prep.

Superhero Box Prep

Foster Love - Together We Rise offers several team building service projects that volunteers can do nationwide. One of our newest service projects is the Superhero Box. These boxes come with items to help bring out the inner superhero in every child. For this volunteer assignment, we worked together to organize the Superhero pencil pouch. Our volunteers filled the pouches with a pencil, an eraser, and a sharpener. They put together 1500 pouches and also separated and bagged over 10,000 tattoos. Thank you!

Foster Love Closet Part 4

Later that weekend we hosted another Foster Love Closet sorting party. We are in the process of opening our first clothing closet for foster families in North Orange County. Currently, our volunteers have been helping us sort through pallets of clothing donations we have received from Cotton On. This is our 4th time meeting up on this project. Together our volunteers sorted through two pallets and a dozen cart of clothing.

Because it was National Non-Profit day we celebrated with a catered lunch. Now the next step is getting the clothing bundles created.


We’d like to thank all of our wonderful volunteers across the U.S. who continue to support our mission. For those looking to volunteer with us, please sign up on our website receive emails updates about in-house events.

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