Sept. 4, 2014

Wells Fargo Volunteering with Foster Care TWR


This past Sunday, we built brand new bikes with 40 foster youth in Corona, California! Luckily, we had lots of help from our friends at Wells Fargo (Call Center, El Monte) volunteering for foster care. We went out to a local foster agency and met with 40 foster youth.

We met so many incredible kids who were so excited to get their new bikes. Even after their bikes were built, the kids didn’t want to leave despite the hot summer sun. They stuck around just to hang out, so we turned on some music, ordered pizza, and made it a party!

Our Wells Fargo friends not only volunteered to build the bikes but raised enough money to make this event happen. We are so thankful to have a team like them on our side! Plus, they were super smart; most of them had never built bikes before, but they picked it up incredibly quickly.

We even surprised Danny, our founder, with a little ice bucket challenge of our own! Two of our interns picked up the ice chest filled with water and ice and while Danny was turned around, they dumped it right on top of his head. Everyone got a good laugh and Danny got to cool off. We also met some awesome foster parents and siblings who were happy to see the smiles on their kid’s face as they received their new bicycle.

If you are interested in having your company participate in a team-building activity with us, volunteering with foster care and some very awesome kids, please email us at and find out what we can plan for your team! You can also visit to learn about our other programs.

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