June 17, 2020

What Will School Look Like When Returning From COVID


What will school look like when returning from COVID? This is a question on many parents’ minds. As states begin to reopen slowly we all wonder about our children. How will their school day look? What are schools doing to keep students and teachers safe? Here are a few changes to anticipate on how schools will look like when returning from COVID.

Staggered Schedules

Ultimately, one of the goals is to limit the number of people in one space. A solution to this is to incorporate a staggered scheduled system. It allows for a decreased number of parents and students during pick up and drop off. It allows for more focus on cleaning between groups and hopefully minimizes the potential of spread.

Staggered Meals

To help reduce contact between students, staggered lunches and breaks may be applied. Reducing the number of children together reduces the chances of spreading the virus.

Adding More Wash Stations

Good hygiene is something that can be difficult for young children. One new thing that schools are considering is creating more handing washing stations. There should be no reason a child doesn’t have access to washing their hands easily throughout the day.

Limiting Shared Items

One simple step is to limit or stop the use of shared items. It is a preventative step to ensure that items that are in use are properly cleaned. Keeping items clean is going to be a priority. Perhaps this may be a great thing to focus on teaching your children before school starts.

Come Prepared With Questions

Not every school is going to look the same. Make sure to read what they say and respond with questions regarding procedures and changes in place. Find out who is responsible for ensuring that the new adjustments are made and followed. Ask if they have an emergency plan prepared in case of an outbreak. Don’t be afraid to question the process and ask for sources. The safety of your children is always important.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we are not sure how schools will look like when returning from COVID. But for now, be open to hearing what the new procedures are and be prepared to ask questions.

For more information on COVID and parenting, check out our resource blogs here. Stay safe, best.

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